Saturday, July 9, 2016

Art History

This was my very first oil painting ...circa 1982. I was talking to a very talented artist friend of mine at the time and telling him that I really had never taken a painting class and had never painted with oils except while playing around as a teenager. He was an incredible painter and basically told me to just dive in and try it, to pick a favorite subject and give it a whirl, throw caution to the wind and follow my instincts. These were my beloved yellow low tops that I wore until they fell apart. With my friend's encouragement, I painted them. I LOVE this painting, I never really finished it, it has moved with me at least a dozen times- it is spotted, bent, folded, but most of all - cherished. I remember where I was sitting in my apartment while I painted these, and how excited I was with the process and the result. I signed up for an oil painting class at the Museum School in Boston shortly after that. ( I am pretty sure I wore these to my classes.)  But more importantly, it was the start to this journey, though many years ago - about 35 to be exact - and a host of obstacles along the way - major illness, raising a family, full time work. I didn't really pick back up until a few years ago, but this painting represented to me hope of a painting future. It is so gratifying to be back on this journey, be it with a new pair of converse sneakers.

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