Saturday, July 23, 2016

Seed Pod

This is an 8"x10" oil on paper. Ranunculus, anemone, and poppy seed pods in a vintage Japanese vase on a yellow and bone linen cloth. I am appreciating the beautiful texture of the paper that shows through.


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cactus in Mango Can

This was so much fun to paint - It seem that I really loosen up when I paint greenery.
10" x 8" oils on panel

Saturday, July 16, 2016

White Vase Series #2

10"x10" on board in oils. 

This painting has a very interesting feeling about it in person. I love when you finish a painting and it has a sentiment that you didn't realize was there as you were painting it. For me, at this point, that is a rare occurrence. I hope that keeps happening as I continue to paint.


Fig Branch

I just love these fig branches, couldn't wait to paint them.
10"x10" on cradled board in oils.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Art History

This was my very first oil painting ...circa 1982. I was talking to a very talented artist friend of mine at the time and telling him that I really had never taken a painting class and had never painted with oils except while playing around as a teenager. He was an incredible painter and basically told me to just dive in and try it, to pick a favorite subject and give it a whirl, throw caution to the wind and follow my instincts. These were my beloved yellow low tops that I wore until they fell apart. With my friend's encouragement, I painted them. I LOVE this painting, I never really finished it, it has moved with me at least a dozen times- it is spotted, bent, folded, but most of all - cherished. I remember where I was sitting in my apartment while I painted these, and how excited I was with the process and the result. I signed up for an oil painting class at the Museum School in Boston shortly after that. ( I am pretty sure I wore these to my classes.)  But more importantly, it was the start to this journey, though many years ago - about 35 to be exact - and a host of obstacles along the way - major illness, raising a family, full time work. I didn't really pick back up until a few years ago, but this painting represented to me hope of a painting future. It is so gratifying to be back on this journey, be it with a new pair of converse sneakers.